To pick up a girl from a club, you will need to get ready for a real challenge. You need more than just the usual pick up lines. You need to know how to make the right approach and the right words to use to ensure that the girl you are interested in follows you home. Here are some great tips:

Work out

The main reason you are going to the gym is to get your body in shape and not to pick a girl. When your body is in the right shape, it will be easier to attract a girl as they love a man that is able to take care of his body.

Be friendly to the staffs at the gym

Whenever you go to the gym, ensure that you are in a good relationship with the staff and always greet them with a genuine smile. If some of the staffs are female, you can arouse the interest of your target by flirting with her. This will leave her wondering why you are so friendly and why everyone seems to like you and you can proceed from there.

Be friendly to all women at the gym

Do not just talk to the girl you are interested in while at the gym. Instead, be friendly to all the women and with this, most of the girls who frequent the gym will take note and jealousy will crop in.

Approach the girl

Once you have identified the girl you want to pick at the gym, approach her and start a light conversation. A simple joke will break the ice between you and you will find yourselves engaging in an interesting conversation.


Do not approach your girl when she is in the middle of an intense workout. Choose a time that she is more relaxed, get into a quick chit chat and then ask for her contact. If possible ask her out on a later date or after the workout.

Send her a text on your way out

Once the girl has given you her contact, you will need to text her so that she can also get your number. Later you can hook up and take it from there.