The possibility of picking up a girl on Tinder will depend on a number of factors such as your profile picture and your bio. To help you succeed in getting a girl, here are some interesting points you need to work on:

Get an interesting profile picture

Avoid posting photos where you are half naked as girls will not take you seriously. They may look at your photo twice, but that’s just it. You should also avoid posting multiple photos with one girl as the girls on Tinder will assume that she is either your girl or your sister which will not help you in any way.

The photo you have chosen must be interesting and arouse a lot of questions when a girl looks at them. You can pose with a pet or a baby so that the conversation with the right girl can proceed from there.

Work on your bio

When writing your bio, keep is short, punchy, and humorous. Ensure that it will make you stand out from the rest of the guys and with this, you can be sure that a lot of attention from the girls will be directed to you. Writing that you are not a fuck boy will be interpreted by most girls to mean that you are one and this means no girl will look your way.

Work on your opening message

Do not use the common ‘hey’ when sending the first message to a girl on Tinder. Look for something that will generate interest and one that will make the girl want to get more from where the message came from. If you send the old boring lines, you will not get any girl on Tinder.

When a girl swipes right on Tinder, it is an indication that she already like you and this should be enough to make you get more confident and direct in your approach. It is upon you to take the lead, use the right words and let her know of your interest in more than just chatting on tinder. Most women will fall for a man who is confident and one that pursues what he wants until he is able to achieve it. AS long as you are able to get the girl you find on Tinder go out on a date with you, the rest will automatically fall in place.